Coyote Con, Cat Overlords and Writing Challenges, Oh My!

Or, Why My Family Usually Hides My Laptop from Me After 10pm.

Oh hai!

Did you guys-

And by “guys”, I mean you cool writerly folk. Not that I think all folk of the writing variety are guys because, well, that’s more than a little sexist and I’m totally against sexism. Unless I’m confusing the definition of that with a disease that makes one incredibly hot, in which case, I’m all for that but somehow, I kind of doubt it.

Also? Thinking all writers as men would rule me out cause last time i checked, I didn’t have that kind of equipment and honestly, I don’t think i’d want to be a guy just so that I could write.

Although I do have a friend of the female variety who wants a …um….”male genitalia”* for a day. I’m like “whut?” and she’s like “BHEY-[which is like the Bahamian equivalent of DUDE, but we use DUDE too because I’m a total white girl and she’s a few shades away from being white herself, and we’re cool like that] I just really want to see if I can aim it correctly.” And I’m all “Dude [see what I did there?!] wouldn’t it make more sense just to go to a gun range and learn how to shoot?’ and then she’s like “WHY ARE YOU TREADING ON MY DREAMS?”)

…Where did you all go? And what were we talking about?

OH right!

So, did you guys writerly folk that I’ve become acquainted with, know that MayNoWriMo is comming up and you should totally dust off whatever crazy idea for a novel that’s been floating around in your brains for God knows how long. (Like maybe a  silly** romance about a Clown and an Acrobat, which by the way, I would totally read but you also have to take into the account that I’m really kind awesome frickin’ weird so, probably not the best person to base your target audience off of. Just Sayin’ ) And get to plotting!

Or maybe you’re a panster. In which case, I implore you to sit on your hands till May 1st and then get ta’ typing! Because I’m an equal oppurtunity boss-er around-er.

Did I mention it’s past my bed time?

And if you’re REALLY insane totally awesome, why not join the Drollerie Press gang and some other really insane totally awesome people ( you know, like yourselves) at Coyote Con. I’m totally going to be there, so now you can’t use the excuse that you can’t because you’re too shy and you don’t know anybody because hello? I’M NOBODY!


Nah, that made sense.

So yeah, totally get yourself over to that side of the blogosphere (conosphere? I dunno. I’m too tired to think too hard about this stuff right now.) and howl at me***. HAH get it? Coyotes. Howl? It’s funny cause it’s appropriate? Ah nevermind.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss what I’m doing to prep for MayNoWriMo in the fleeting time that I have left to prep for it because if you hadn’t noticed by now, I tend to leave things to the last possible second and then have a panic attack and hide under the bed and then never get anything accomplished and yeah? Trying NOT to do that this time.

* I’m not really offended by the various words used to describe said male genitalia,  because I’m pretty much the biggest closet-pervert ever, I’m just painfully shy with it. Like I can make anything into a dirty joke but it’s mostly implied. I’m not a prude or anything, so if you just want to randomly litter your comments with d*cks” and “pen*ses and what have you, I’m totally cool with that!

** And by “silly” I don’t mean that romances are silly, or that people who write romances are silly. Really people, I’m not that judgemental. I just mean that you know, a story about a Clown SHOULD be kinda silly, because otherwise what’s the point? Hello? Clown’s are PAID to be silly. (though they’ve always been more than a little creepy to me.) I mean if you can make it really dark (humor-wise too, because come on people, “CLOWN”) and it still be a good story then kuddoes to you and you are totally my new writing hero for being so out of the box. In fact, that would be really awesome. Someone should totally do this.

Unless it sucks, then, um, you know, ignore me.

*** Except, don’t REALLY howl. I don’t think any of us are that crazy. I mean awesome. No, I mean crazy.

This post probably would have been posted a lot quicker if I hadn’t had to fight the Pharoah (my cat) for my adapter cord or if he hadn’t chased my fingers across the keyboard**** because you know, if I’m doing something, it must be for his entertainment otheriwse what’s the point? And he’s kinda looking at me like I’m a dumbass for him even having the need to explain this to me.

Which probably should reinforce the notion that I really need to go to bed.

**** So all typos? Totally his fault.

Night all!

P.S. You may have noticed, I changed the name of the blog. This might happen often over the next few months as I try to figure out just what the hell I’m trying to do here. Bear with me.