December Goals

You may have heard me mention we’re moving again. Because apparently I was born into Gypsy blood. But without the cunning and sneakiness or exotic looks. Fuck. Awesome.

This means on top of my writing/de-cluttering/artistic goals,  I also have to once again pack up my entire life and move yet again. Luckily the place we’re looking at isn’t too far away from the place we are now. So logistics should be relatively painless. Relatively.

The only way that I’m really going to get anything done though is if I make a list and look at that list daily if not hourly. I’ve learned a lot about setting goals in the past year and to help me make this one, I’ve looked over Joely’s tips for Project Management (from last year) as well as something I learned from Defining Someday , which is how to make your goals S.M.A.R.T. or…


So what all do I have to accomplish before Jan 1st?


1. Organize BLACKHAWK files – Dec 21st, 2010.

1.a. Get rid of anything that I can live without. -Dec 20th, 2010

1.b. Place everything into neat tidy files with PROPER NAMES and everything. –

2. Pack up – Dec 30th, 2010 – 0% Completed

3. Completed outline of Dirge – Jan 01st, 2011 – 44% completed.

3.a. Go through Plot Outline/Novel Notebook/any helpful advise I’ve found over the last three years to see if there is anything I can apply that would be helpful and ignore anything that isn’t or adjust it until it is.

3.b. Be ruthless.


1. Re-Install Photoshop CS4 (HALLELUJAH!)

2. Organize DA files.

3. Start character work for supa seekrit project which I’m giving the public alias of ” StarS”

4. Revise old ZODIAC character workshop posts into something actually helpful


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