Happy Freakin’ New Year.

Says the Universe to I.

I’m starting off the New Year all wrong. We just moved into our new apartment yesterday only to find that we have No Internet. No Cable. And No Phone. And likely to go without all three until Tuesday. I’m actually writing this from the Evil Day Job which just turned into the Evil Temporary Job. (Surprisingly not because of my sneaky internet usage, let’s not tell the boss lady about that, k?)

So my “Mission ’11” post is going to be a tad late. Also may not get my ROW80 goals in until Wednesday.(Sorry, Kait!!) On the bright side, I have no excuse NOT to work on Dirge’s outline during the downtime.

“No plan survives first contact intact.” – Story of my bloody life, still learning to roll with it.

Just have to keep breathing and hoping at this point.