The Plan Always Changes

That’s about the only constant in my life.

Oh, before I forget and you all find me completely insensitive: Happy Easter to all my Christian Friends. Happy Zombie Jesus day to all my non-Christian friends. And to all my non-friends?

Well,…this is awkward. Hi there and how the hell are ya?

I think I’m getting more done by just focusing on the Zero!Draft. So, I might switch to doing that for awhile and going back to the original plan of “do a little writing every day”. Because Scriptwriting? Way faster than Book-writing. Except, when it’s time to “book write” it’ll be more like editing/expanding. Which means less panic. Which means fun!

Also, totally managed to post earlier than I usually do. I take this as a sign of “growth” but maybe it’s more a sign of “getting off my lazy ass quicker and implementing it more efficiently”? You decide.

Words Today: 523

Words This Week: 1,606

Words in Scene: 512

Words in Total: 2,933

Scenes this week: 2 Zero!Drafts

Scenes in Total: 3 Zero!Drafts, 1 First draft

Hopefully this continues to work for me.

I’m also KINDA SORTA jumping on the OPERATION: GIT bandwagon.My goals are less weight oriented and more “must. tone. up.” oriented.

Today I got up, did my planned exercises and then hit the pavement for a 1.5 mile run.

This week, I’m going to work on doing the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday first thing in the morning. Sundays have been my official run days for awhile now but well…I sometimes skip because, as previously established, I’m a filthy dirty cheat. So let’s see if I can shame myself into going every Sunday.

Or, if my Sunday gets booked, at least once a week.

I has a tired….

How are you guys doing?

Bring out your inner cheerleader and cheer on other ROW80 Folks here. I’ll even let you borrow my pom-poms…and by “pom-poms” I mean a lighter. Sway with it while you chant words of encouragement. Just make sure you don’t bring out your inner pyromaniac while you do that. Resist the pretty heat!


Blog Tour de Force Giveaway

Hungry For You by A.M. Harte

A. M. Harte sweetly asked me to be a sponsor for the Blog Tour de Force. (Because, as

The Lovely Miss A.M. Harte

previously established, she’s a touch mad.) As a sponsor, I have the power to do really awesome things like host giveaways! Good thing they don’t know that I tend to abuse such power when it is bestowed upon me. Let’s just not mention it, mmmk?

Here’s the deal, if you go to A.M. Harte’s blog and comment there, you’ll win a free e-book copy of Hungry For You. No muss, no fuss!

However, if you comment on my review of Hungry For You, you will be entered to win a signed print copy of Hungry for You, 3 limited edition postcards and surprise free e-book! And you want a print copy, because there are some extras in it that weren’t included in the e-book version.

Three lucky runner-ups will get a postcard + the surprise e-book.

There’s also a Kindle up for grabs across the entire Blog Tour. So the more you comment on relevant entries, the more chance you have to win that.

Let the smackdown begin!


Dear God, I can’t stop.

After reading the Bloggess’ post about the That Can Be My Next Tweet generator, I just kinda can’t help myself. According to the generator, tweeps can hope to see these gems of wisdom from me sometime in the future:

“I’m writing doesn’t suck? No?” Could totally see this.

“I can be gagged with a poptart.”

“I don’t really mind Dawn so long as an April Fool’s?” Buffy fans, wouldn’t that have been nice?

“I find this scene with cupcakes.” You know, I would LOVE to find a scene with cupcakes…

“Re: walmart guy reads Patrica Briggs….I must find mine can I make.”

“Can we go! God Bless the Caribbean. This is a foreign country Absolutely, thank you!”

“Cellos are men.” No wonder I’m single.

“NFC Championship Game- don’t drink.” Wow, I sound kind of judgmental in the future. Or is this just a note to myself?

“The Hunt for the Chocolate. And somehow, I deserve a few crushed planes on both! Not that one. Cheers!” And this? Is probably why I shouldn’t drink.

“I just do look forward to you!”

“Oh God. I think you are officially badass. THAT IS EPIC. “ Hee! I dedicate this one to The Bloggess!

“Gotcha, does make sweet savage love stories!” And this one to Joely. 😉

“No! No! I hate double standard in a females heart!”

“I’ve officially met my brain. Evidently not a frickin’ fairy princess. YAY!” It’s like they KNOW me!

“I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be on your pillows.”

“Thank you met my movie-watching life? Re: Doomed” And THIS gets dedicated to T-Bowe and Dogg!

The petty squabbles are officially at T-Bowe and I’m about to maul and muffins.” Another for the guys. I do love mauling and muffins.

“Trust me, finding a scene that is anti-feminist are getting old, MAN UP and make!” HEE!

“Ok, so far. And good night. ; Likewise?”

“YES! THIS! How to stab someone. Wouldn’t surprise me dizzy.” Well that’s not very reassuring…


!, indeed.