Dear God, I can’t stop.

After reading the Bloggess’ post about the That Can Be My Next Tweet generator, I just kinda can’t help myself. According to the generator, tweeps can hope to see these gems of wisdom from me sometime in the future:

“I’m writing doesn’t suck? No?” Could totally see this.

“I can be gagged with a poptart.”

“I don’t really mind Dawn so long as an April Fool’s?” Buffy fans, wouldn’t that have been nice?

“I find this scene with cupcakes.” You know, I would LOVE to find a scene with cupcakes…

“Re: walmart guy reads Patrica Briggs….I must find mine can I make.”

“Can we go! God Bless the Caribbean. This is a foreign country Absolutely, thank you!”

“Cellos are men.” No wonder I’m single.

“NFC Championship Game- don’t drink.” Wow, I sound kind of judgmental in the future. Or is this just a note to myself?

“The Hunt for the Chocolate. And somehow, I deserve a few crushed planes on both! Not that one. Cheers!” And this? Is probably why I shouldn’t drink.

“I just do look forward to you!”

“Oh God. I think you are officially badass. THAT IS EPIC. “ Hee! I dedicate this one to The Bloggess!

“Gotcha, does make sweet savage love stories!” And this one to Joely. 😉

“No! No! I hate double standard in a females heart!”

“I’ve officially met my brain. Evidently not a frickin’ fairy princess. YAY!” It’s like they KNOW me!

“I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be on your pillows.”

“Thank you met my movie-watching life? Re: Doomed” And THIS gets dedicated to T-Bowe and Dogg!

The petty squabbles are officially at T-Bowe and I’m about to maul and muffins.” Another for the guys. I do love mauling and muffins.

“Trust me, finding a scene that is anti-feminist are getting old, MAN UP and make!” HEE!

“Ok, so far. And good night. ; Likewise?”

“YES! THIS! How to stab someone. Wouldn’t surprise me dizzy.” Well that’s not very reassuring…


!, indeed.


5 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS-I DON’T EVEN-

  1. I may have to deliberately make “wouldn’t surprise me dizzy” part of my lexicon. I’m seriously. And:

    “I’ve officially met my brain. Evidently not a frickin’ fairy princess.”

    Yeah. That’s so you it’s scary. I did a few of my own, and it’s weird to read my own phrases parsed out, tossed into a hat, and redrawn in no particular order. Ha!

    1. Addictive, it gets. Be able to resist…ok, it wouldn’t surprise me dizzy if you don’t have the attention span problems I-ooooo shiny…

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