1/11/12 Check In


I’ve been going out of my mind since Friday. A power outage caused our Modem to blow and my lovely third world internet service providers couldn’t send someone to fix it until yesterday. *headdesk*

You’d think that’d mean I’d get more writing done, wouldn’t you? It’s like you don’t even know me….

Thursday Jan 5th

259 words. (wait, that’s no so bad… Patience dear reader)

Friday Jan 6th

0 Words (Oh…well that’s just one day!)

Saturday Jan 7th

0 Words (Oh….Well, third day’s a charm!)

Sunday Jan 8th

0 Words (Oh…)

Yeah. I seemed to have gotten back on track this week though…

Monday Jan 9th

170 words

Tuesday Jan 10th

138 words

Wednesday Jan 11th

220 words.


Total January Count:

1289 words


It’s progress at least…





2 thoughts on “1/11/12 Check In

  1. Yep, those last three days are looking great! These days, going without internet feels like being in the Sahara without a canteen. I feel for you. I’m glad you’re back in cyberspace. Best wishes for a great ROW80 week!

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