Fact Friday

Did You Know…..

Most people interpret you trying to understand others with an opposing viewpoint as being the same as agreeing with them? And this is one of the fundamental reasons we as human beings will probably never understand one another?

Scientists have discovered a new Super Earth (GJ1214b) unlike any they’ve ever seen before? Because it has at least twice as much water as Earth does, and supposedly has ‘hot ice’ and ‘superfluid water’?

The U.S.S. William D. Porter had several hilariously inept adventures in which they almost killed the president, like, twice? I’m almost convinced they were actually working undercover for the Nazis, but I think that would be giving the crew too much credit.

Spiders give massages?

That Amazon pulled 5,000 e-books off their website?

Have you learned anything note-worth this week? Share in comments!


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