Illustration Monday: Volk Spirit

What happened to the Thursday Reading post and the Fact Friday post?

Uh, …life? Yeah. That’s it. We’ll go with that. Life happened.

The shiny new not-so-evil day job has me pretty frazzled and a little brain dead. Which is not a complaint, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been long long long overdue for a job. But as I’m accumulating to it….all of my mental energy is pretty much spent by the time I get home. My mother always told me “the more you do, the more you can do.” I hope this eventually becomes my truth.

For now, I’ll just have to blog through the slog.

Dirge Concept: Volk Spirit Sketch

This is a very etchy sketching of what my Werewolves (called Volk) know as Spirits. Spirits are both the Volk’s deities, and the essence of the deceased. Some Spirits serve as messengers to those that can hear, and others are malevolent causing much mayhem and havoc.

I realize the perspective is a bit off, I was going for a very purposeful crudeness here. I still see some things that can be improved in the finalized work, though.

To see more of my art, visit my Tumblr sketch blog and Deviantart account.


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