#ROW80 Round 2 Goals and Planning For Planning

It’s that time again. But this time’s going to be different.

This Round, I am going to commit to my MS. Not necessarily my goals, because if I need to adjust it’s better that I do so instead of blocking myself by trying to stick to rigidly to said goals and end up doing nothing for the last half of the round. Which is what’s happened with every previous ROW80 for me.

So here’s what’s happening:

For the first week of ROW80, I’m strictly planning. (How did I ever mislead myself into thinking I was a pantster?) I have a workable schedule that I intend to meet by next week Sunday and will blog about in detail on Wednesday. After that, and once I’ve worked out the math, I will come back and update my goals with tangible writing goals.

To join in ROW80 or support Fellow ROWers, go HERE.


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