Illustration Monday: Maps II

Last week you all got a peek at a “big picture” map. This week, I’m going to stick to a very focused area on that map that relates to a scene I’m currently working on.


Dirge Concepts: The Gates of Hallovaxe

Art (c) S.J. Collins

Hallovaxe, the Caged City. The quality on this one is well, honestly, shoddy as hell. I usually don’t get good results when I use lined paper,…also when I don’t use any sort of reference. *sheepish grin*

That long road that runs from the forest to the gates is made of cobblestone, and there’s a river that flows under it. My muse is pinging with ideas about that river. I’ve always been fond of water, so it admittedly gets incorporated into my work a lot.

Also, those weird things lining the forest in the upper right? Those are stumps. And although I didn’t do a spectacular job of spacing them out, there are DOZENS of them. Chopped trees…the Volk are not going to be too happy about that.

You’ll notice there’s a faint line running from one side of the river, near the stumps, to the other-side, near the wall.  Wonder what that could be…

As for Hallovaxe itself, it is a city kept entirely behind a great wall. There are reasons for this of course, but what fun would it be if I just up and told you?

None, that’s what.



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