Jayrod Garrett talks about Heart and why you need it.
Oommph-right in the feelings. I needed it though. Terribly. We’ll go back to our regular blogging schedule next week.

A Round of Words in 80 Days

When I sat down and I thought about what would be of most value to all the ROWers out there I had to rack my head pretty hard.  There were so many things I could think of that would be good to share with you, and then I realized that the lesson of most value to you would be the one has sustained me throughout most of the past twelve years: It’s all about Heart.


I learned about Heart during basic training on my first run.  I was pretty slow and I couldn’t keep up with everyone and I stopped running.  So I turned around and walked back to where we started, where one of my instructors, Drill Sergeant Beller, was rounding all of us weaklings up and disciplining us with more exercise.  Beller said to all of us that we didn’t have Heart.  He told us if we…

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