Moving Right Along…

Wow. You know, I’m really a horrible blogger. It’s like I completely forget I even have a blog.

Except I don’t. I just obsess about what to post, and feel like I have nothing to say, and then weeks go by, and I post nothing, and then I feel guilty, and then I have a panic attack. It’s all great fun really.

I’m working on it. I’m even writing. It feels nice. I’m starting to feel like me again after months and months of feeling decidedly less me.

I even have some ideas for posts! Posts that don’t include me just rambling about how frustrated I am with Dirge! (Don’t fret Raining ink faithful, there will be plenty of that too.)

Also…just a heads up…

While I’m not formally accepting review requests anymore, I always make exceptions for friends and good causes. So expect to see a review of Joely Sue Burkhart’s The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch gracing my blog in the next couple of days. All proceeds will go towards rebuilding Joplin that suffered damages from a tornado last year. Not that I think you should need an incentive, Joely is my go-to romance author for a great read.

I’m also offering up posting space for A.M. Harte during November for her blog tour, to help kick off the release of Above Ground. That’s all I will have mental space for because I’m seriously contemplating doing NaNoWriMo this year because I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m not all quite here myself.

Sometimes I wonder who even allowed me on the internet with a fully functioning keyboard. Well I say fully-functioning, the ‘I’ key has been missing for a year…no I don’t like what that says about me either.

Time to get back to my notebook. I have a plot that needs unscrambling.


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