Getting to know me…

Is really hard and I don’t envy any of you the task.

What the hell are you talking about, SJ?

I was recently invited as a guest on a podcast. Which podcast will remain a mystery until it’s been uploaded and I’ve had the chance to listen and discern whether or not I sounded like a complete moron. I get really formal when I’m nervous, and I’m never more nervous then when I have to talk about myself.

Which is beyond ridiculous, right? In theory, I should be the reigning expert on me!

In practice…”expert” sounds like a lot of stumbling phrases and broken off sentences that don’t so much end as just fall precariously to their not so sweet demise.

Not to mention I’m a Scorpio, so I’ve got that whole “mysterious” thing going on that doesn’t always lend itself to sharing.

And it wouldn’t even be so bad if I could just you know, chalk it up to being a terrible speaker. I could take some pride in that, retain some dignity while also unburdening myself from the responsibility and shame of not being up to par in areas outside my field.

“I’m a writer, not a public speaker!”

“I’m a writer, not a mathmagician!”

“I’m a writer, not your house keeper!”

No, seriously, I couldn’t be a house keeper. I don’t have it in me to be neat and orderly. Everything I touch turns to chaos.

It would be fine…except my last few “About” pages have been awkwardly stiff and formal as well. So, turns out I suck at writing about myself too. But with writing, like any thing, practice makes…if not perfect, then at least decent! Feel free to check out the newly renovated About page at the top. What do you think? I think it’s more “me”. Well, a less awkward “me” anyway.

What sort of things do you want to know about an author you’ve just stumbled upon? Do you like broad strokes or a more detailed, intimate look at what basically serves as a snapshot of their lives? Do tell.


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