I’d like to thank the academy…

S. Winchester has very kindly nominated Raining Ink for The Liebster Award. Because she is a sweetheart and too precious for this world.

Eleven facts about me:

1. My family used to be the care takers of Darby Island when I was little. My sister and I apparently once sat on Gloria Estefan‘s knee during her stay there. I remember exactly none of this.

2. I never have and probably never will go to college.

3. In 2010, I left Nassau, Bahamas to enlist in the British Army. Never made it through the testing phase thanks to lack of preparation on my part, an injured knee, bad weather conditions and dwindling funds. It’s still the best adventure I’ve ever had.

4. Despite #2, I now have an amazing job as a Dolphin Trainer and am currently writing two novel series.

5. I am one of the only “rookies” to be put on a baby dolphin’s team. His name is Sands. He’s 20 months old and far too adorable for his own good. LRS-ing (‘Least Reinforcement Stimulus’, think of it like a 3 second time out) him is one of the hardest parts of my day. While I think our relationship is solid, we both have a long way to go and we’ll have to learn from each other.

6. I draw… sometimes.

7. I love cooking and baking, though I’ve done far too little of either as of late.

8. I binge on other people’s words. To the point where I sometimes fear I have nothing of my own to say.

9. My current TV obsessions are Supernatural, BBC Sherlock (I’d like to get into Elementary some time…) Hannibal, Strike Back, Luther, and Game of Thrones. But I also watch stuff like Chopped, Wipe Out, How I Met Your Mother, and Dish Nation.

10. Astrology, Cultures and Languages are fascinations of mine.

11.  I lose all coherent speech where cats are involved.


S. Winchester’s Questions:

 What book do you wish you wrote?                     

Cheating (because it’s not a book) but, Sucker Punch.

If you could trade places with any side character, who would it be?

That would be a terrible idea. All of the side characters I love die.

Assuming you’ve read LOTR and Harry Potter, what item has more power? The Elder Wand or The One Ring?

Gonna go on a limb and say the one ring.

Where’s your favorite place to be?

By the sea.

Coffee or Tea?

Neither. It’s strictly cocoa for me.

Which character’s journey touched you the most as a reader?

Daenerys Targaryen from the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin.

Why do you want your story to be told?

For no other reason than that they demand to be.

What makes it different from any story already out there?

No two authors can write the same story in the same way. By the very nature of me writing something, it’s going to be different. Maybe only in small ways…but then again, maybe not.

Where do you get your best ideas?

Never in the same place or same way.

Day writer or night writer?

More of a mid-afternoon writer…though leaning towards night. I am not at all a morning person.

Favorite movie character?

Ellen Ripley, circa Aliens.